Amanda + luke | a maternity story

I have known Amanda her whole life. She's the best Pictionary partner, back scratcher, secret keeper, partner in crime, and she makes me laugh until I cry.  She's my cousin, but she's more like a sister and Luke is her perfect match.  I cried (and I mean ugly cried) when she told me she was pregnant.  I cried again (in the middle of Whole Foods, no less) when she told me she was having a girl.  I hope that our daughters will be as close as we are!  


For this session, we set out on a cozy picnic with some really pretty scenery and a lovely sunset.  The weather was perfect and the hot chocolate was warm and Amanda and Luke were so cute.


 I look forward to seeing you both become the most loving parents and I cannot wait to meet (love and squeeze) your perfect baby girl! 

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