Leaving a Tangible Memory

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Holiday Mini Sessions

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lifestyle: Makinson + Ryan | a love story

I had so much fun spending a rainy Saturday morning with these two.  Makinson and Ryan have a laid back easy kind of love, so they wanted their engagement session to be the same.  They cook a big breakfast every Saturday morning and take Penny, the dog, for a walk.  I tagged along and documented their morning rituals and also caught some quiet moments of true love.  I can't wait to celebrate with these two as they say "I do" on New Years Eve.


Check out more images from their session below and a few from another mini session we did at the beach.

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newborn | baby evelyn

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project 52: March Images

We are well into April now, so I thought I would share with you all my March images for my Project 52 Group that I'm in.  This group was started by the wonderful ladies of By HeArt, an amazingly supportive photography community.  Anyone and everyone can join our Project 52 group and we have photographers of all skill levels!  Come check us out here!

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product | emily claire

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Photoshoot for across our table

At the end of February, I embarked on a new creative adventure.  I started a new lifestyle blog with some old friends of mine.  It's a place where we can be creative and do the things that we would do if we were together daily.  It's called Across Our Table.  


To kick off the launch, we styled a photoshoot in Charleston on a quiet piece of beach at sunset.  It was a dinner scene with a rustic handmade table, lots of blankets to sit on, beautiful flower arrangements, gorgeous jewelry, and a delicious meal.  There was great conversation and, of course, a lot of laughter.  Doesn't that food look amazing?  You can head over to Across Our Table to see the recipe and to see what else we're talking about!  Here are some of my favorites from our photoshoot. 

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Project 52: January and february images

So a few years ago I did a Project 365 with my daughter, where I took one photo everyday for an entire year.  Boy, was I exhausted by the end! That was in 2014.  This year, I found a great community on Facebook called By He{ART} and they have really encouraged me to try new things in photography.  So, I joined the By He{ART} Project 52 group because I figured it would be less pressure only doing one image a week.  I have been so inspired by the other artists in the group.  The images that are shared weekly are stunning and I am really learning a lot about myself and the others in the group.  It's never too late to join and there are photographers from all over and with all levels of skill and experience.  If you would like to join, you can do so here! Here are my images from January and February.

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According to edith: almost 4

People often ask me "What is documentary style photography?"  Well, to me it is capturing the everyday in it's natural form.  Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Today is the oldest you've ever been, and the youngest you'll ever be again." I think about that a lot when I do a Day in the Life session with a family.   Here is a session that I did with my daughter, just before her fourth birthday. I like to add time stamps to these sessions as a record of that very moment. When she's older, and has a family of her own, she will be able to show her children what she was like when she was three.  And when I'm old and can't remember, I will look back and smile.


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An Adventure Story

It has been so warm here in Charleston!  December felt like early Fall with the highs well into the 70s.  We are not ones to turn down warm weather, so I gathered Edie and we set out to do some adventuring.  This year I really want to get better at freelensing, and she was kind enough to pose for a few.


For those of you who aren't familiar with this technique, it's when you shoot through a lens that is detached from your camera.  It's really hard, but you can get some beautiful, dream like images.  It feeds my artistic soul.  So, here is Edie, adventuring!

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Amanda + luke | a maternity story

I have known Amanda her whole life. She's the best Pictionary partner, back scratcher, secret keeper, partner in crime, and she makes me laugh until I cry.  She's my cousin, but she's more like a sister and Luke is her perfect match.  I cried (and I mean ugly cried) when she told me she was pregnant.  I cried again (in the middle of Whole Foods, no less) when she told me she was having a girl.  I hope that our daughters will be as close as we are!  


For this session, we set out on a cozy picnic with some really pretty scenery and a lovely sunset.  The weather was perfect and the hot chocolate was warm and Amanda and Luke were so cute.


 I look forward to seeing you both become the most loving parents and I cannot wait to meet (love and squeeze) your perfect baby girl! 

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2015: A Year in review

Wow! It's been an amazing year! Personally, we sold our first house, moved to a different state, bought a new house, and at the end of the year, I officially started The Preservationist! As a business, I met some really great people with very beautiful families, I documented some amazing stories, I worked with the lovely Abigail Wyatt of Forage and Lauren Hamill of Lauren Amos Designs, and I finally made a website!  It's been a big year and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store. I thought I would share some of my favorite moments from 2015 and I perhaps, this will be the year I tell your story. Cheers!

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Well, Hello THERE!

So glad you stopped by! Lets start this blog off right with a few of my favorite images from the Christmas mini-sessions this season.  These mini sessions were so fun!  We shot them at the beautiful Southerlyn Farms in Holly Hill, SC.  We were there for two rounds of sessions a few weeks apart and the weather was beautiful for both!  Southerlyn Farms is so beautiful and perfect for a rustic wedding.  Enjoy these cozy mini sessions!

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